Water concerns

My morning routine is taking 2 hours. Gotta improve that… I set off about 10am this morning.

Being down my primary water container I’m able to carry just under 2L. It was an official 2 summit day, though I’d consider it 3.

At one point between water opportunities it was 6.3 miles but with a couple of the hardest climbs so far, Sassafras mt. was taxing.

I filled up every vessel I had and started out. The last half of the day rationing sweet precious water. I made Justus creek about 6:30 with one planned gulp left as I came upon the valley with the spring feed creek and an empty camping site with wood left over in pit. Perfect.

So if you are waiting on Gooch mountain for your pedicure moms, sorry! Walk 1.1 miles south on the AT.

And to add to the water concerns. In the change up of water filling. I realized I didn’t filter one of my bags… after I drank it. I hope I don’t have my first “zero day” tomorrow. Yikes!

So in the end I almost cracked 10 miles, with elevation climbs equal to 155 floors (with that freakin 40pounder on ma’back). Whipped. Beyond. Belief.



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