Hostel Mondays

I woke at 8:10, laid there moaning in soarness and learning the days course, focusing on water spots.

Lesson learned today:

Don’t juggle 3 important bottle caps in your hands, directly over a fast moving stream, while refilling water.

Especially if you’re already down your largest container! I lost one cap. My water situation is becoming ridiculous.

I heard of a couple hostels about 5 miles up, 2 miles off the trail. It used to be called Hiker Hostel, now it’s Wolf Pen Gap. They have bunks, laundry, hot showers and pizza, done! For the price of $32.

This is the other place, Two Wheels of Suches. Much nicer, but cabins are not for dirty hikers. However the camping area is, and I think you can still use the showers for $15.

Hopefully I’ll obtain another water storage container there at the store. Then sort through my pack and get rid of what I can, clean everything and let my sore everything else recuperate… This level of exertion is not my norm by any means. I think taking the time now will help me for the long haul. I might set a record for longest time to get out of Georgia ever, but I’m planning on crushing Virginia.

I’m not sweating it, it’s totally beautiful, and I’m enjoying every moment. Especially considering the alternative usual Mondays…

I had connection on the top of some smaller summit and decided to call a nearby hostel. I had also been hearing reports about big weather moving this way but was having difficulty updating the weather app.

So now I’m here at the hostel. 3/4 of a pizza eaten, a few beers and a long shower, completed with washing my clothes by hand in there with me.

Reading the weather reports, there’s a tropical depression coming this way and literally every day for the next 14 is 50-90% rain in the area! But tonight there’s hail and 40mph winds. Glad I get a chance to thoroughly sort and prepare for rain indoors tonight. Though I know it won’t stay dry, but damnit I’m gonna try!

Time to hang the clothes out to dry and pull all the video off the GoPro and sort through it.

So far I’v traversed:

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