Night 1: Blackgap Shelter

Since I took my sweet ass time in the motel this morning, having coffee with fluff news, then a shower. I didn’t get checked out and on the road until 11:00. I took one of the numerous shuttles in town for $60 to the state park.

By the time I got done doing a total pack shake down with the pros there at the station, another hour had past, but minus 4-5lbs of stuff I left behind. I arrived at the base of the falls at 2:30. I’m grateful to pull into Black Gap shelter at 7:30 and setup camp nearby with a little light left.

On the menu tonight is dehydrated lasagna, actually pretty damn good. And I made twice as much as I needed. Being paranoid about bears, I thought mainly about my new night routine for disposing of leftovers, trash (put in ziplock and packed out), and all things with smell added to the shelter’s bear box. Even things like sunscreen apparently need to be added. Washing of the pots next, which sucks when water is valuable and difficult to access.

Once in the tent, I moved on to a Dude Wipes wipe down and tick check. Night.

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