And thus it really begins…

I woke at 7:50 and commenced to figuring out a morning routine. I head about a quarter mile down to spring water and refill everything. Retrieve the food from the bear box. Again I’m taking my sweet time making mushroom coffee and cream of wheat breakfast.

Suddenly I’m the last around, but that comes with privy freedom and not being rushed. Sweet relief… clean hands, pot wash, a re-org on gear and weight displacement. Trying out different placements.

A little time for foot care, a quick sock and underwear change, adding the dirty pair to external “air out” bag outside my pack with easy access to grab and wash at the next opportunity.

I left camp at 10:30, reached the summit of Springer mt. at 11:30. This is the official start of the AT.

I sit here still at 12:30 after lunch and multiple conversations, some blogging and pictures, I’m headed to another small falls only about 5mi away, perhaps for the night?

4 thoughts on “And thus it really begins…

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  1. Maybe I don’t need to hike the trail after all! I’ll live vicariously thru your baby blues! 😂😂 Pics again are awesome!!!!!


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