Camping above a waterfall

When the AT crosses a stream, you stop for water top off. 2 miles later, nope… at least not in Georgia. Waters everywhere so far. I love me some waters!

This was the first time I did a refill on water not coming directly out of the rock.

I walked up stream about 30 yards from the crossing and filled up. I’m thinking I went further than 99% of the other potential Noro virus carrying bipedals out here.

Then I walked down stream 20 yards from the cross, took off my shoes, washed the face and feet and dipped my hat. It’s still spring water, freezing spring water.

Reaching the top of Long Creek Falls at 3:30 and it’s amazing. Nobody is here and it’s a Saturday.

So laying my pack down against the rocks, I found my spot. A large, smooth, perfectly slanted rock in the shade. It’s receiving just the right amount of cooling mist blowing over from the falls.

45 min later, picking my pack up, I get a rip in my primary water container against the rock somehow, the big 2L one. It’s in an awkward spot to fix. If water weren’t so plentiful in this part, I would be worried. I’ll pick another up.

After doing some wash and taking a partial soak to my knees in the cold water, I decided it’s time for dinner and camp prep. This is where it’s at tonight.

I need to look into the different methods for tying bear bags off. I think I did a decent job, about 40 yards down and 15 ft high on a sharp hill from a fallen, but secure, tree.

The way I changed the weight of my pack today didn’t work out for my shoulders at all. Going back to the original layout using a more horizontal stack instead of vertical. Should be able to pick up the pace a bit. Gooch mountain shelter is 10.3 miles, that’s the goal.

Final Stats:

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    1. The built in iOS heath app, appears to still work in airplane mode. And GutHook with all the AT add-ons, $65 total if I recall. The. You can dig around and while on WiFi pre download all data and pics for when you don’t have connection.


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