Off a midnight train to Georgia

Samuel Jackson got it all wrong, it was supposed to be steaks on a train!

To my delight, I found all meals are included with the room, even this steak! The meals were good and every service professional I encountered was helpful and friendly. I’m a big fan of Amtrak now. I’m predicting rail to make a come back baby!

After dining with two different solo riding gentlemen, one riding since Las Vegas, a nap, some videoing, and a semi bag reorder, it was time to soon for my stop in Gainesville, GA. Still 40 miles from Amicalola Falls.

I met my first AT hikers at the train station. 2 twenty somethings from Minnesota. We chatted about options to make it the rest of the way at almost midnight. They opted for hitch hiking in. I opted to Uber to Dahlonega, the closest town with a motel to the state park. A well used $28 in my opinion. Steve and friend, hope you’re making it… then I met another Steve, the Uber driver, great guy.

So there are multiple shuttles I’ve found to take to the trail head from here. Figure it out after coffee and shower in the morning. Not sure when the next hot shower might be…?

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