I’m off for the AT!

Finally, the jobs are wrapped, the lease is up, my stuff is moved into storage, auto-pays are setup and all manor of affairs have been handled. I’m on the Dallas Dart Rail line heading to the train station downtown. I’m pumped, a bit nervous, over geared, a little unsettled about bear potential, waiting for the moment I think to myself, “what the hell did I get myself into…!?” But mostly excited to navigate all the various unknowns ahead.

If you’re a hiking purist, my journey will likely drive you nuts. I’m headed out not to race the trail, or even summit Katahdin at the end, but to live the trail. To be honest though, if I don’t make it through the White Mountains, I’ll be disappointed. But I’ll feel achieved even making it halfway. I can’t wait to wonder through all of nature’s playgrounds from Georgia to Maine (hopefully) and meet all the people in-between I encounter. And just live life however it’s going to be out there.

It’s been a whirl wind of activity wrapping things up after months of planning and prep. My room last night was like the REI garage took a dump in it.

From downtown Dallas I’m headed to the Amtrak station where I have a small room and plan to plug in all my crap, finish and post my gear video then do a review of the train. Adventure awaits.

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