Monday Morning on a Beach in Maine

I slept so soundly after the late night hike in, with the waves lapping up and that little bit of pride in a partially foraged full stomach. Without alarm, I automatically woke just as the sun crested the horizon. That's almost as amazing as the moment itself. It was more than breathtaking, it was quite... Continue Reading →

Foraging to the Beach

Big mile days are tough in the rain, simply because it sucks to get started in the wet and cold; but also too, the shortening daylight hours in Maine are getting painful for me. A second day in a row of sun is really helping me make some continued better miles, as well as boost... Continue Reading →

Whitecap Mountain

Arriving at the base of Whitecap Mountain from my own patchwork of side trails and logging roads, I lost the trail. The old fire tower trail I found on a map at a trailhead parking lot display was consumed by the forest. I spent an hour picking around quite a stretch of marshy land before... Continue Reading →

Shaw’s Hostel

I rolled into Shaw's and hid out for 2 nights in a row. I felt terrible obviously being sick in a community bunk house, but I had no choice. I'm on my second bottle of Muscinex and I have nothing in the tank. One of which I found in the hiker box at Human Nature... Continue Reading →

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